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Ready to add the finishing touch to your bespoke rug or runner?

Framing your finished design with strength and finesse, our range of rug borders has been curated to expertly complement your chosen style. For an extensive range of colours, look to our cotton herringbone range, where you can find the ideal accent for any type of design, from coloured geometric styles to smooth neutrals. With a subtle herringbone stitch, this timeless border offers an elegant edging to any rug or runner. 

For something with a little textural interest why not try a leather border? Homely yet heritage, this luxe fabric frames your rug with subtle sophistication, drawing on the strength and durability of a long-loved material. Meanwhile, those looking for something a little lighter might look to linen, for a soft and luxurious finish. 

With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Our intuitive rug builder tool allows you to experiment with lots of different rug styles and borders, with an instantly rendered illustration of your chosen combination. Simply input the dimensions and then play around with different colours, styles and textures to bring your dream design to life. 

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158 Results
Admiral HL19
Adventurine CS03
Adventurine CS303
Alabaster CS011
Alabaster CS3011
Aluminium C38
Aluminium LT25
Aluminium WFM3
Arabica CCN10
Aubergine HL12
Avocado WFP5
Biscotti CS302
Biscotti CS02
Black HL18
Black C1
Black LT23
Black LBW56
Black VL1
Black WFP1
Blue Lagoon C44
Blue Lagoon LT28
Bottle HL20
Bottle C11
Brindle CS09
Brindle CS309
Burgundy LBW59
Café C6
Café LBW54
Cafe AL6
Calico CCN18
Camel C7
Camel LBW52
Camel LSB10
Camel VL6
Caramel VL4
Cashmere CS06
Cashmere CS306
Chambray C30
Chambray LBW53
Chambray LT24
Champagne CCN1
Charcoal CS08
Charcoal CS308
Chartreuse WFM2
Cherry LBW57
Chestnut C22
Chocolate VL2
Chocolate HL22
Cocoa HL21
Cocoa LT8
Cocolatte CS07
Cocolatte CS307
Coffee LT34
Cream C9
Crème De Menthe C37
Damson LSB9
Dark Olive CCN15
Down C32
Ebony COR11
Ecru C8
Ecru LT3
Ecru LBW50
Ecru WFP2
Espresso C5
Espresso LBW55
Espresso LSB12
Espresso LT30
Espresso HL1
Espresso AL4
Fallen Leaf C29
Fawn C31
Fawn LT1
Fawn LSB11
French Navy C20
French Navy WFP6
Grain LT19
Graphite LSB8
Graphite LT31
Graphite AL3
Graphite COR12
Graphite WFM5
Gravel C43
Gravel LT32
Gravel AL2
Gunmetal LSB7
Honey CCN2
Ink CCN17
Insignia CS04
Insignia CS304
Latte VL3
Lichen CCN6
Marble LT2
Marine CCN16
Midnight C15
Midnight LBW58
Midnight LT26
Midnight WFM4
Mono CS015
Mono CS3015
Moss LT20
Nautica CS014
Nautica CS3014
Oatmeal CCN3
Obsidian LT33
Obsidian AL1
Obsidian WFM1
Olive C10
Otter CCN9
Oxford CS016
Oxford CS3016
Pale Stone CCN19
Paprika C49
Pearl C41
Pearl AL8
Pebble C42
Pebble WFM6
Rhino HL15
Rhino Brown C17
Rhino Brown LBW51
Rhino Brown LT29
Ruby C23
Sage C46
Sand VL5
Sandstone C51
Sandstone WFM8
Seville LT13
Silk LSB6
Slate C39
Slate LT18
Slate WFM7
Smoke WFP4
Smokey Grey C45
Soapstone CS012
Soapstone CS3012
Soft Coral C52
Squirrel LT6
Steel C47
Steel HL17
Stone HL11
Sumac CCN14
Tamarind C26
Tan AL7
Taupe CCN4
Teal WFP3
Teal LT27
Terracotta LT17
Thunder CS01
Thunder CS301
Tobacco AL5
Tuscany CS05
Tuscany CS305
Vanilla LT4
Varsity CS010
Varsity CS3010
Victoriana CS013
Victoriana CS3013
Wheat C33
Wisp C50