Basketweave Linen
Rhino Brown LBW51

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Expertly crafted, this elegant trim refines any rug with timeless natural texture. With an organic, neutral hue, Linen Basketweave Rhino Brown is handsome yet homely, named for the soft earthy shades of a safari. Somewhere in between beige and grey, the shade works wonderfully against a range of other neutrals, while edging brighter rugs with a chic, uniform finish. 


Known for its long-standing versatility, linen is a luxurious fabric made from the fibres of a flax plant. Fast-growing even in poor soils, flax is considered a more renewable resource than many other materials, with every part of the plant used in the production of linen and its by-products. Meanwhile, linen also brings benefits when it comes to strength and durability, used for many thousands of years as an essential yet elegant textile inside the home. 


For a solid, sustainable rug trim, look no further than Linen Basketweave Rhino Brown. With an intricate weave that emulates the patterns of a wicker basket, this style brings visual interest and endless versatility, balancing strong colours or heavily textured rugs with the light and enticing nature of linen.


A huge part of the appeal of our natural floorcoverings is more than just their inspirational aesthetic. To appreciate their tactile quality, you really need to see them up close. You can order up to five free samples of our carpets and rug borders, so you can be sure your selection is both the perfect feel and colour.

Rugs and runners can be finished with single or double borders, with or without piping. The standard amount of border showing on the rug surface for a single border type is approximately 55mm. If your chosen design has a double border, for example a Cotton Chenille Inner and Linen Boucle Outer, the joint border width will be approximately 110mm. We can offer a 30mm and 80mm border options, please discuss this further with your retailer.