Discover the perfect carpet for your space, from vibrant colours to luxurious materials, our extensive collections have something for every home.

Experience timeless style with a touch of modern flair with our Contemporary and Timeless collections, offering an effortless expression of sophistication and elegance to complete any ensemble. Seamlessly complementing any style of home or living space; from a cosy countryside cottage to an elegant city centre apartment.

Harmonise your home with the tranquil scenes of nature with our Earthy collection. Incorporate this collection to create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Our Textured collection relies on striking the perfect equilibrium between tone and texture. By combining various finishes with care and precision, you can cultivate a beautiful design aesthetic sure to delight your guests.

Be bold with our Statement collection, offering a special touch of vibrancy and originality that’s sure to make an impact on all your visitors. Or for lovers of the simple, our Minimalist collection is perfect for a modern touch without compromising on the clean-cut look you desire.

From soft, comfortable and cosy New Zealand wool to natural and sustainable seagrass, in a range of eye-catching patterns, and a variety of colours and designs, we have it all and more.

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Enigma - Spellbound
Mississippi - Indigo Russet
Alpine - Frosted Peaks


Contemporary yet classic, this versatile collection encapsulates the heart of modern styling. From the never-tiring trend for neutrals, to minimalist monochrome and statement pops of colour, contemporary carpets lean into the current without compromising on timeless design.

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Opal - Mousey Brown
Enchanted - Castle Grey
Alaska - Grey Wolf


Gently inviting the outside in, this collection crafts a calming ambience inside the home, inspired by the soothing scenes of nature. From a soft, sunrise sky to the honeyed hues of a field of wheat, our outdoor landscapes offer endless interior inspiration.

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Alaska - Silver Squirrel
Alpine - Frosted Peaks
Small Accents - Steel


As trends come and go, timeless styles stick around, forever favoured for their effortless elegance and versatility. Suitable for every style of home, from country cottages to upscale city centre apartments, timeless designs transcend the fleeting nature of fashion for a more sophisticated finish.

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Grand Oriental - Fresh Mist
Wilton Panache - Slate
Wilton Svelte - Willow


The best interior schemes are the ones that expertly balance tone with texture, using various finishes for a visually agreeable aesthetic. From luxe leather sofas to wood-panelled walls and sleek polished stone, there are endless combinations to choose from.

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Fabulous - Emerald
Biscayne - Evergreen
Collage - Mixed Media


With a little dash of drama, statement styles show off your flair for distinctive design. Remarkable and refreshing, they have the power to reflect your personality with poise and panache, impressing guests time and again.

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Buttercup - Gentle Oyster
Rustica - Buffalo
Tric - Slate


Minimalism is the modern way when it comes to interior design. Here, less really is more, with a focus on luxe quality finishes instead. Ideal for more modern properties or contemporary period conversions, our collection of minimalist carpet brings a range of benefits without impacting your unembellished aesthetic.

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