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width 5m
backing Action
fibre 100% Wool
Suitability Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs
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Arctic White RU100
Buffalo RU104
Fawn RU103
Marble RU101
Pale Grey RU102

Often associated with the countryside or rural living, the word Rustica has Italian origins. Picture crisp countryside walks or rural rolling hills; an idyllic setting for rustic living. Deliberately unrefined and grounded, Rustic decor opposes modern contemporary design in every way but can feel homely and snug when paired with the right carpet to set the tone of the room. Rustica has a distressed yet chic style with understated two-tone shades from the bright Arctic White to the moody grey Buffalo.

The rugged Greenhills of Southland New Zealand epitomises everything the Rustica collection is about. Home to the New Zealand sheep from which it takes its 100% New Zealand wool fibres, Greenhills is lush grassland with breathtaking scenery. For those looking to create a more organic feel within the home, Rustica with 100% New Zealand wool is a fitting choice.

From favourable farmhouses to countryside cottages, Rustica is reminiscent of tumbling bails of hay and rugged farmland. With a thick wool loop, it is lush underfoot, maintaining a cosy and durable feel. Achieve that sought-after countryside chic style with Rustica.


Rustica is suitable for installation in a bedroom, dining room, living room, hallway and on stairs.

The pile content of Rustica is 100% New Zealand Wool.

The total pile weight of this carpet is 1680g/m².

Rustica has a total height of 11.9mm.

The tog rating of our Rustica collection is 2.1

Our Stain Removal and Cleaning Set is formulated specifically for natural fibres and includes a cleaning solution for all-over cleaning and a spot cleaner for specific spills. Also included are a brush and cloth to apply the solutions. We would suggest a good quality suction vacuum cleaner – needs to have a high level of suction to work into the base of the products and remove any dust or dirt. Avoid using devices with rotating beater bars / brushes as this can damage the surface of the pile.

As a rule of thumb the combined tog rating of the underlay and carpet should be no more than 2.5 Togs. Tog ratings are important as the UFH needs to be able to radiate the heat through the flooring covering. Consider an underlay with no more than 0.8 togs to allow the heat to transfer from the subfloor with ease. This allows you to focus on the carpet providing comfort and style to your home. 

Yes, Rustica has been treated with moth repellent treatment.

There is an option to add Intec stain protection onto your order. Intec is a water based formula which can be applied to your carpet or rug before dispatch. It forms an invisible shield around every fibre which resists the absorption of stains and dirt, helping to prolong the life of your Crucial Trading product. Intec is environmentally friendly and will not alter the colour or texture of your floorcovering.

We would recommend always using an underlay, for added comfort underfoot and longevity.                                                Vital Combination Underlay is made from 100% recycled wool and jute felt with a backing of recycled vehicle tyres. With a thickness of 11mm it is suitable for all areas of the home and features good sound and thermal insulation, perfect for domestic wool floorcoverings.

Vital Double Stick Underlay is suited to wool, sisool, sisal, jute, coir and seagrass products and offers superior, long-lasting performance with added recovery from indentations. Available in 6.5mm or 9mm thickness for higher traffic areas in both residential and commercial installations.

A huge part of the appeal of our natural floorcoverings is more than just their inspirational aesthetic. To appreciate their tactile quality, you really need to see them up close. You can order up to five free samples of our carpets and rug borders, so you can be sure your selection is both the perfect feel and colour.

Yes. All of our products are available as wall to wall broadloom carpet and to be made into a bespoke rug or runner.

Rugs and runners can be finished with single or double borders, with or without piping. The standard amount of border showing on the rug surface for a single border type is approximately 55mm. If your chosen design has a double border, for example a Cotton Chenille Inner and Linen Boucle Outer, the joint border width will be approximately 110mm. We can offer a 30mm and 80mm border options, please discuss this further with your retailer.