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Bring warmth and comfort to your rug or runner with Felted Wool Plain. Felted Wool Plain Smoke is classy yet contemporary, with a dark grey shade which is naturally distinguished. The dark shade is ideal for working against other neutral colours, smokey greys pair well with relaxing colours like blue, pale greens and cool white. Alternatively pair Felted Wool Plain Smoke with vibrant patterns and bold colours for a captivating contrast that can suit any interior style. 


Uniquely soft and luxurious, our Felted Wool Plain trims offer a tidy finish to any rug or runner, expertly accenting interior materials from wool to sisal and coir. With origins dating all the way back to Turkey in 6500 BCE, Felted Wool has a rich history. Created by matting, condensing and pressing wool fibres together, Felted Wool is a soft and luxurious material with a velvety texture that is both comforting and inviting. It has a natural resilience, gently springing back when pressed. 


Known for their exceptional durability and resilience, the dense matting of Felted Wool Plain’s fibres create a strong and sturdy rug or runner trim that can easily withstand heavy foot traffic and retain its shape and appearance over time.


Velvety soft and visually appealing, Felted Wool Plain Smoke brings a subtle texture and plush versatility.