Antique Leather
Obsidian AL1

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Embrace the timeless charm and classical aesthetic of Antique Leather. Antique Leather Obsidian is a captivating choice that exudes sophistication, in a sharp shade of black that is naturally dark and distinguished. With a dark and bold aesthetic, Obsidian works perfectly against neutrals, maintaining its timeless appeal while adding a touch of excitement. Pair Antique Leather Obsidian with white for a sharp neutral rug or runner, or gold for a royal palette with regal qualities. Alternatively, for a captivating contrast that maintains its enduring allure, consider pairing it with vibrant patterns and bold colours.


Smooth and luxurious, our Antique Leather trims offer a tidy finish to any rug or runner, expertly accenting interior materials from soft cosy wool to dreamy textured sisal and natural textured coir. Made with 100% Leather, it has a glorious style with flowing lines and organic patterns that lend an artful touch, creating an aged and visually captivating appearance. This supple material is celebrated for its remarkable durability and timeless rustic charm, standing the test of time with a legacy spanning thousands of years. Leather has adorned the most luxurious furnishings, and now you can bring that unparalleled quality into your own home.

Let Antique Leather Obsidian elevate the ambiance of your space with its enduring style and captivating presence.



As natural hides are used, the borders will show joins every 40-120cm.