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Admiral HL19
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Bottle HL20
Cafe AL6
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Graphite AL3
Gravel AL2
Latte VL3

With a history dating back around 500,000 years, leather is one of the longest-serving materials in existence, with pelts thought to have been used as the first type of rudimentary clothing. This rich history is a testament to the strength and versatility of the world’s most enduring material, which has been used inside the home from the early millennia of man to the modern day. Bringing old-world elegance and historic, heritage appeal, our leather rug trims also offer a beautiful aura of warmth and sophistication. 

For a truly classic look, Plain Leather offers that distinctive supple texture in an array of beautiful hues, from bright Ivory to Lemon and even Aubergine. This array of shades allows you to select the perfect pairing for your rug or runner, without compromising on smooth durability. 

On the other hand, Worn Leather offers a slightly more distressed look in time-honoured neutral tones from Parchment to Tobacco. Try it against a stunning sisool centre for an irresistible combination of strength, softness, and texture. Refined, resilient, and buttery smooth, our quality range of leather trims brings a timelessly expressive aesthetic to any rug. 


As natural hides are used, the borders will show joins every 40-120cm.