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Cosy & Layered Interiors

Chunky wool carpets perfect for your bedroom interior

Of all the rooms in a house, the bedroom should be a sanctuary of peace and calm. Somewhere comfortable, cossetting and relaxing; a place to revive and refresh after a frantic day.

In order to conjure this sort of cocooning space, the bedroom interior needs some careful consideration. For a deeply restful and comfortable room, go for a looser and more relaxed look which embraces layers of textures in varying natural materials which will ensure the finished result is timeless in its design. While many believe that bedroom interiors begin and end with a well-chosen mattress dressed in good quality bedlinen, a truly cosy interior scheme should always start from the ground up.

That means thinking carefully about the floor covering. As the bedroom is typically a space we use while barefoot, it’s essential to have a soft floor surface.

Wall-to-wall wool carpet is the perfect way to start a scheme for a cosy bedroom. Pure wool carpets provide a wonderful soft texture underfoot to wake up to in the morning as well as adding warmth, insulation and acoustic protection – all of which will contribute to improved levels of sleep and relaxation.

When the existing floor is a characterful parquet or attractively varnished oak boards, introduce a generously sized wool rug to create a similar cocooning and cosy effect. It’s the perfect solution which balances retaining the beauty of exposed timber with a softer and warmer feel of wool.

The colour, design and weave of the floor covering will have a big impact on the overall scheme. Choose a thick loop or or super-thick varied loop for a rustic but luxurious finish. And continue to add layers to introduce further layers of softness, that can include adding a sheepskin rug either at the end of a bed or just where you step out of bed in the morning for extra texture and comfort.

Chunky wool blankets either in a cable knit or woven draped over the bed inject warmth and a sense of farmhouse charm to a bedroom but they also serve another purpose: studies have shown that the weight of a blanket can have a calming effect and aid deeper levels of relaxation and sleep.

Tonally similar or plain fabrics are often considered as soothing choices by experts in interior styling, but contrasting patterns and textures create a more interesting and less formal result. Chunky cable knit bed throws pair well with rich velvet headboards, for example. While crisp satin-smooth Egyptian cotton bedlinen looks stunning paired with a woven wool blanket draped over the end of the bed — and these are perfect for curling up with a good book on a weekend afternoon. Dial up the comfort levels still further by decorating the bed with a deep layer of feather-filled cushions.

Finally, to maintain a calming bedroom interior, keep clutter at bay, ensure there is a source of good books to hand (stacked in piles is fine) and choose a few discreet lamps as opposed to one dominating main overhead light.


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