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width 4m
backing Action
fibre 100% New Zealand Wool
Suitability Heavy Domestic, Light Contract, Rugs
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Candelabra WR130
Gilded Neutral WR107
Graceful Opinion WR124
Pearl Grey WR122
Sculptured White WR131
Simplicity WR129

Welcome to a timeless world of elegance and sophistication. Introducing Rococo – a carpet that is truly a work of art. This luxurious and breathtakingly beautiful carpet is crafted from 100% New Zealand Wool and with a loop pile, promises the finest quality and most exquisite feel to grace your interiors.

Rococo is made from felted yarn, in which skilled artisans take 3 to 5 ply yarns and fuse them together to form one dense composite fibre. The bond is meticulously achieved through a harmonious blend of hot water, detergent, and the rhythmic vibrations of a drum. This intricate procedure results in a carpet that is not only luxuriously soft, but also incredibly durable and long-lasting.

New Zealand Wool is globally renowned for its superior quality, durability, and softness. With Rococo, you can experience the very best of this natural and sustainable material – perfect to create spaces where you can sink your feet into unmatched comfort and enjoy a cosy atmosphere.

Choose from six soft and comfortable wool carpets, whether you’re looking for a mix of dark and light shades with Candelabra, or the light monochromatic tones of Sculptured White, Rococo has it all. This collection never fails to please.


Rococo is made from 100% New Zealand Wool, 3 Ply, which is then felted using patented Peri Loc technology.