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Suede is a soft material that offers both a luxurious feel and decorative appearance. Suede rug and runner trims add a sophisticated touch to your home. The Suede collection is perfect for those who love the feel of leather with a touch more luxury.

Our Suede collection is made from 100% Cowhide. Suede is a type of leather crafted with care from the underside of cows, it has a soft surface and a napped finish. When used as a rug or runner trim, Suede provides an elegant finish with a selection of 6 neutral colours to choose from.

Having an accent trim of Suede on your rug or runner not only adds style and personality, but also helps bring it alive with statement-making shades. From the bright shade of Ivory to the soft muted shades of Stone and Nutmeg and the deep, dark shades of Ebony and Delft, Suede is the perfect material for a rug trim that will grow with your home.


A huge part of the appeal of our natural floorcoverings is more than just their inspirational aesthetic. To appreciate their tactile quality, you really need to see them up close. You can order up to five free samples of our carpets and rug borders, so you can be sure your selection is both the perfect feel and colour.

Rugs and runners can be finished with single or double borders, with or without piping. The standard amount of border showing on the rug surface for a single border type is approximately 55mm. If your chosen design has a double border, for example a Cotton Chenille Inner and Linen Boucle Outer, the joint border width will be approximately 110mm. We can offer a 30mm and 80mm border options, please discuss this further with your retailer.