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Piping sits between your rug and border, acting as an attractive frame, and can be added to rugs with one border option. Pair ivory piping with a complementing rug and border option or use ivory piping as a contrasting thread, for a neat and tidy strip of light colour against dark, statement shades.


Ivory coloured piping is perfect for adding a creamy tone that will help to bring out the subtle hues in both your rug and its complementary border shade. Ivory piping also pairs well with contrasting, dark, neutral statement shades such as black and dark grey. Create an intense and definitive frame whilst still bringing a touch of softness and subtlety to the design. 


If you want to make fine adjustments and tweaks that will perfect your rug, then consider adding ivory piping to your order. With your chosen border and our ivory coloured piping, you’ll have plenty of options for creating a beautifully framed and finished rug.