Natural fibre carpets and rugs are an excellent choice for the home, particularly if you are environmentally conscious. From the fibres of tropical plants to the soft warming feel of wool, there are plenty of eco-friendly options to choose from to enhance the interior design of your home. Whether you are carpeting a high-traffic area from wall to wall, choosing a stair runner or considering an area rug in a living or dining room, there are plenty of floor coverings to choose from, using natural fibres. To help you choose, we’ll look at:

What are natural fibre carpets?

Natural carpets are, quite simply, made from natural materials. These can include plant fibres, fruit or animal hair which makes them a sustainable choice. The benefits of natural fibre flooring are that they do not contain harsh chemicals, they are hardwearing and you can enjoy the natural properties of the material. Depending on how the carpet is constructed and how other materials, like glue or backing, have been used, they could also be eligible for recycling when they have reached their lifespan.

Jute natural carpet

Originating from the Asian jute plant, jute flooring is a simple way to bring some natural beauty into the home. It is one of the softest natural fibres, and you’ll love the feel beneath your feet. Jute is both sturdy and natural and is often used in burlap fabric, ropes and rugs, showcasing its durability.

What is the difference between jute and coir?

When looking at coir vs jute, there are a few key differences. Coir is extremely tough with a slightly scratchy texture but remains a resilient choice while creating a sophisticated look in transitional spaces. Meanwhile, jute is much softer and has a silkier texture overall making it better suited to living areas.

Sisal natural carpet

Sisal carpets are constructed from the tough fibres of the agave plant, native to South America. Woven together in a variety of patterns for unchallenged durability, sisal carpet has superior strength and an exotic, timeless feel.

Are jute and sisal the same?

Jute and sisal are not the same. The main difference between jute and sisal is the feel underfoot. Sisal could be considered coarser underfoot which enhances its durability and makes it suitable for most rooms, as well as outdoor use. Whereas jute is softer and may be more suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

Coir natural carpet

Crafted from the husks of coconuts, coir carpets and rugs are tough and slightly scratchy while having a warm aesthetic and a distinctive feel. Coir carpet is ideal for transitional spaces and easy to maintain with occasional vacuuming and is a rare and resilient choice for creating an organic, sophisticated look.

Should you choose coir or sisal?

Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for in natural flooring. Sisal is durable, coarse underfoot and suited to most rooms. Meanwhile, coir works best in transitional spaces with a distinctive look and feel.

Seagrass natural carpet

Seagrass carpet is tropical and durable, made from seagrass fibres grown on the banks of Vietnamese rivers. Skillfully designed while remaining soft and comfortable underfoot, seagrass flooring has a neutral shade of green that softens and mellows over time.

What is the difference between sisal and seagrass?

Seagrass fibres are grown underwater, giving it a natural wax-like coating, glossy sheen and resistance to water. Meanwhile, sisal comes in a variety of patterns and is extremely durable. While they have a similar look and organic beauty, they do have some differences. Sisal is sometimes considered more durable whereas seagrass can be thought of as more practical.

Wool natural carpet

Possibly one of the most popular flooring choices, wool is a timeless addition to many homes. Offering both warmth and durability, wool carpet is a great all-around flooring solution well suited for any room of the house. With tough, durable fibres, wool carpets can resist dirt and debris and the fibres are resilient and spring back into shape.

Comparing natural carpet fibres

No natural carpet or rug fibre is better than another – it all depends on what you are looking for. Some are softer than others while some are more durable and resilient. We have looked at the softness, hardwearing nature and construction of five natural fibres to help you find the right flooring solution for your interior design project.

SisalTougher and not as soft underfootYes, thanks to durable, woven constructionTightly woven fibres
CoirStrong and coarseTough and resilientTightly woven
JuteSoft and breathableDurable but avoid heavy useWoven
Seagrass Soft and comfortableTough and quite hardwearingWoven into different designs
WoolSoft and fluffyWarm and durableTightly woven loop, cut or twist pile

Overall, natural fibre carpets are a great choice for interior spaces and eco-conscious homes. Ranging from soft and silky to coarse and hardwearing, there is something to suit every room and every style, depending on what you’re looking for. Browse our full range of natural carpets or build your own bespoke rug now.