Stairways are often overlooked when it comes to home design, but they’re full of potential to make a stylish statement. One incredible way to breathe life into a dull staircase is by installing a stunning stair carpet runner.

From classic neutral colours to bold patterns and textures, there are endless options to choose from when selecting a stair runner to complement your home’s interior design. Whether you’re looking to add visual interest, provide safety and comfort, or simply transform your staircase, a stair carpet runner is an easy and effective way to elevate your space.

In this blog we’ll delve into the details of stair runners, sharing valuable tips and advice on choosing the right size, colour and material.

To guide you through the world of stair runners, we’ll cover the following:

Choosing the right sized stair carpet runner

A perfect stair carpet runner does not only enhance the appearance of your staircase but also offers comfort and safety. To achieve this, you must measure your stairs accurately and consider the width of the carpet runner.

How much of the step should be shown with a stair runner? Typically, it is recommended to leave approximately 10 cm of the step exposed on either side of the runner, which creates an attractive accent and showcases the underlying flooring. Additionally, measure the length of the stair runner carpet by taking into account the depth of the tread and the height of the rise of each step.

What statement do you want to make with your stair carpet runner?

When it comes to selecting a stair carpet runner, it’s important to consider the statement you want to make with your staircase. Do you want to create a bold and dramatic feature, or are you looking for something subtle and understated? 

Style and pattern stair runner

The style and pattern of your stair runner can play a significant role in the overall look and feel of your home, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Consider the existing patterns in your home, as well as your personal style and preferences, to help guide your selection.

Remember, your stair runner is a design feature that can add both function and beauty to your home, so take the time to select a runner that truly speaks to you.

Colour of the stair runner

A bold colour can add visual interest and become a stunning focal point in your home, while a neutral tone can create a more subtle and classic look. 

Consider the existing colours already present in your home, and if you want a daring clash or a monochrome style, to help guide your selection.

Before making a decision on your stair carpet runner, envision the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home. The goal should be to find the ideal balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Finding the right colour and pattern for your stair runner

When it comes to carpet runners for stairs, the choice of colours, patterns, and textures are limitless. Grey carpet runners for stairs, for instance, can create a contemporary and chic look. Striped stair carpet runners are another popular option, adding visual interest without being overwhelming. Ultimately, the ideal shade and design should harmonise with the overall interior of your home and make a classy statement.

Take a look at our Collections for inspiration.


From the never-tiring trend for neutrals, to minimalist monochrome and statement pops of colour, contemporary stair carpet runners lean into modern styles without compromising on timeless design.


Earthy stair carpet runners craft a calming ambience inside the home and are easy to implement against existing design elements. Leaning into nuanced natural shades from creamy beige to green, gold, and umber, this style of carpet stair runners is ideal for adding character to classic neutral schemes and bringing balance to bold ones. Earthy tones can help you create a perfect interior design project.


With our minimalist stair carpet runners, sometimes simplicity is key. Rather than overwhelming your staircase with a busy geometric pattern or bold colour, consider investing in a luxe quality stair carpet runner with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Classic neutral colours such as cream, white, and beige will never go out of style, and can seamlessly blend with any interior design scheme.


From asymmetrical striped styles to optical geometrics and show-shopping texture, we have an incredible array of daring statement stair carpet runner designs to choose from. But making a statement isn’t only for the bold at heart.


For an inspired take on textural design, choosing a textured stair carpet runner immediately draws the eye. Unlike textured walls and artwork, it can be felt as well as seen, offering a more immersive design choice.


Perennially popular and agelessly graceful, our timeless collection of stair carpet runners is made up of unfailing neutrals from classic cream to earthy beige. Suitable for every style of home, timeless designs transcend the fleeting nature of fashion for a more sophisticated finish.

The best material for your stair runner

High traffic areas require hard-wearing stair runners for supreme durability. But if you are looking to add a unique touch of luxury and style, there’s no better choice than investing in an elegant runner that can handle high volumes of footfall.

Wool stair runners

Enjoy all the comfort that comes from having soft, luxurious wool underfoot. A wool stair runner can transform your hard floor to be warm, cosy and inviting. Its natural insulation keeps your stairs warm during winter months while its long-lasting durability makes it perfect for even the highest traffic areas of any home.

Pros and cons of wool runners for stairs

But what are the pros and cons of a stair runner made of wool?


Sisal stair runners

Sisal is a popular material for stair carpet runners, and for good reason. It is a highly robust and durable fibre that can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear over time. But what really sets sisal apart is its unique and beautiful structured weaves, which create a natural texture that adds depth and character to any staircase.

Pros and cons of sisal runners for stairs

But what are the pros and cons of a stair runner of sisal?


Sisool stair runners

Sisool is a unique combination of both wool and sisal fibres that creates a warm and durable stair carpet runner. This hybrid material combines the natural texture and durability of sisal with the softness and luxury of wool, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the best of both worlds.

Pros and cons of sisool runners for stairs

But what are the pros and cons of a stair runner made of sisool?


Coir stair runners

Another choice is coir, a fibre made from coconut husks that offers a rustic, earthy aesthetic. Coir stair runners work especially well in transitional spaces, creating a seamless flow from one area to another.

Selecting the right material for your stair carpet runner is crucial, as it impacts the carpet’s durability and feel.

Pros and cons of coir runners for stairs

But what are the pros and cons of a stair runner made of coir?


What type of flooring should you lay your stair runner on?

While carpet runners on wooden stairs are the most common and practical combination, other flooring styles can also benefit from a stair runner. For instance, tiled stairs can also be enhanced with a carpet runner for improved safety and style.

Installing a carpet runner over an existing carpet can have a negative impact. The friction created by foot traffic can cause the carpet to flatten, leading to increased wear and tear. Additionally, it can be challenging to keep the runner in place on top of the carpet. These issues can be exacerbated by high foot traffic areas, which can lead to a noticeable decline in the appearance and durability of your carpet over time. 

To avoid these issues, it’s recommended to seek help via a professional. By doing this, you can extend the life of your carpet while enjoying the benefits of a stylish and functional stair runner.

A stair carpet runner can be the ultimate design feature, instantly transforming your staircase into a statement piece. With the right considerations for size, colour, material, and maintenance, your staircase can be more than just a functional way of getting upstairs, but a look into your creativity and lifestyle.  Create your own bespoke carpet runner now.